Free Assessment

Does your church need to ReFocus?

10 Questions to Help You Determine

Please answer these questions on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 10 (strongly agree).

Are we accepting poor or average results with salvations, baptisms and/or membership?
Have we lost a clear vision for ministry?
Are we going through the motions of ministry while having lost the purpose of those ministries?
Have we forgotten what the church is to do and why we are to do it?
Has our church stopped setting big goals and stopped pursuing great things?
Have we turned inward and focused primarily on the church’s survival?
Are we doing ministry the same way we did it ten years ago?
Have we resisted change due to a fear of conflict?
Are the church’s ministries competing against one another?
Is the church avoiding making difficult decisions?

Download a Free Resource on Crisis Management

The ReThink resource is designed to help the church ReThink its mission in light of the Coronavirus crisis. God is using the current crisis as an accelerator to help churches shift culture, design strategy, and fulfill its mission to make disciples.


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