God loves His church,
and so do we.

Who We Are

Corpus is a church-based ministry. All the products and services we provide have their origination within the church and are then customized for your individual church. We are not an ivory tower of theory and experimentation. Rather, we are practitioners, and our primary calling is to serve the local church.

How We Started

Corpus was born out of a pastor’s personal learning experience in the local church. His experience leading three church revitalization efforts in three states across three decades of ministry laid the groundwork for the Corpus concept. As friends in ministry asked for help, the ReFocus process emerged and the Corpus ministry came together.

Our Mission

Equipping church leaders with the biblical leadership skills necessary to reignite the church’s mission and enhance congregational health.

Our Vision is a world filled with vibrant churches impacting their communities for Christ.

Dr. Rob Peters

Dr. Rob Peters launched Corpus in 2017. Rob is passionate about leadership and organizational development. He launched Corpus to help pastors and others in the non-profit sector learn the skills they need to successfully achieve their church or network’s vision.

Rob worked for Deloitte and Touché while attending college and Ernst and Young while earning his master’s degree. Rob served as an assistant to the senior pastor at what was the largest Protestant church in the evangelical world at the time, learning how global ministry is both envisioned and executed. Rob planted a church in Atlanta from 1995-2000.

Corpus can further assist you in your revitalization process with design consultation and development services, and creative solutions offered through Corpus Creative. From updating an existing visual identity to creating a completely new one–or evaluating your vision messaging so it can be shared on a new website–we are ready to service the body of Christ and help the church be engaging and effective communicators.

God designs and oversees the human systems of interaction. To study, understand, and use these systems is to follow the example of Jesus during His earthly ministry. Churches, pastors, and lay leaders would be wise to study these systems in order to learn what will help them be more effective in fulfilling their mission. At Corpus Research, we provide insights and understanding about the community around the church you serve. Our missiological approach is vastly different from your average demographics report. Every report is prepared by a missiologist who serves as a local church pastor and is an expert at turning raw demographics and psychographics information into ministry insights that can help position a church and its ministries for impact.