ReFocus Your Ministry or Church Network

More than 70 churches close their doors each week. You don’t have to.

The Discovery

This is an intense session of discussion and exercises leading pastors into a “deep dive” of the current reality of their church.

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The Convergence

Pastors identify unique aspects of their church and community in order to position their ministry properly to have maximum impact.

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The Pyramid

Pyramid sessions lead pastors through a series of exercises to identify their church’s mission, values and strategy, as well as to develop vision and set goals.

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The Path

The Path helps develop an intentional plan for evangelism and discipleship.

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The Ladder

This key session focuses on how to develop leadership within the church staff and membership so that the vision takes root and so that people can serve the Lord in growing maturity and strength.

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The Toolkit

Participants receive tangible tools to implement the change and growth pastors have identified throughout the ReFocus process.

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Once you have decided to begin the six-step ReFocus process, you may choose the approach that best fits the needs of your church or network.

The Simple Approach

The simple approach is for those pastors and churches who are new to the comprehensive process of discovering and casting vision. This approach is also for those churches who have struggled with developing leaders within the church and for churches whose worship attendance is typically less than 100 people.

The Standard Approach

The standard approach is for those pastors and churches who have previous experience with church leadership resources and vision casting. This approach is also for those who want to improve their leadership skills and whose church needs more direction and resourcing. Our team recommends this approach for churches with more than 100, but less than 500, people in regular worship attendance or for those churches who are concerned with getting bogged down in details.

The Sophisticated Approach

The sophisticated approach is for those pastors and churches who need robust resources
for revitalization. This approach provides refined tools to develop all the facets of a vision along with all the resources to execute weekly activities necessary for the vision to become a reality. We recommend this approach for churches who average over 500 people in worship attendance, for pastors who have nuanced leadership skills, and for churches trying to break a key barrier.


You can decide which type of event experience fits your church or network best.

The 3-Day Intensive

Typically involves three to twelve churches or five or more networks with up to five participants per church/network.

The 6-Month Cohort

Typically involves three to twelve churches or five or more networks with up to five participants per church/network.


Typically involves one church going through the ReFocus process (usually eight to ten team members). Pricing for church consultation is based on Sunday morning worship attendance.

Revitalizing as an interim pastor?

Be intentional in your leadership as you help your church embrace what is new and next. We invite you to explore the four steps in the ReNew process so that you can help your church (1) ReAssess, (2) RePosition and (3) ReDirect their ministry while using practical (4) ReSources to assist you with the actual work of planning, communicating, and making difficult decisions. This period of transition is an ideal time to revitalize, and your role is key in preparing the church for new leadership and a reenergized ministry.

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