Get equipped to lead in church revitalization and learn the skills necessary to implement change.

October 02 – October 04
Peachtree City, GA 30269

ReFocus Pathfinder Certification – $999

Be the guide who navigates churches through the ReFocus six-step church revitalization process.

  • Utilize the ReFocus program to help churches recover biblical patterns for leadership.
  • Lead pastors and lay leaders through their revitalization plan.
  • Equip pastors to lead their churches through the revitalization process.
October 05 – October 06
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Readiness & Receptivity Assessments & Coaching Certification – $799

Develop the skills necessary to assess a pastor’s readiness to lead and a church’s readiness to respond to revitalization efforts.

  • Coach pastors through their revitalization experience.
  • Access the Pastoral Readiness Assessment (PRA) and the Vision Receptivity Assessment (VRA) to measure competency and culture.
  • Help pastors grow in the biblical areas of Elder, Overseer, and Shepherd.
September 20 – September 21
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Leader Resilience Certification – $799

Be certified to work with revitalization pastors, replanting pastors, and pastors in the regular course of ministry.

  • Enhance the revitalization pastor’s resilience.
  • Access the Leader Resilience Assessment (LRA) to assess a pastor’s Spiritual Vitality, Relational Tenacity, and Personal Stability.
  • Help pastors handle the stress and daily challenges of ministry in a post-Covid19 world.
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Renew Transitional Revitalization Pastor Certification – $799

Be certified as a Transitional Revitalization pastor. You will learn to use the ReAssess, RePosition, ReDirect, and ReSource tools.

  • Help churches take steps toward revitalization during the time when they are most likely to consider change.
  • Learn how to use all of the Corpus assessments effectively.
  • Learn the necessary skills of revitalization as applied to transitional and interim ministry.
October 23 – October 24
Peachtree City , Ga 30265

The Overseer: Certified Revitalization Pastor – $599

Become a certified revitalization pastor and learn the six skill sets of an overseer from the six overseers of the Old Testament. You will be introduced to the full refocus model and be empowered to practice the six skills in your church.

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